Sandra Kilgore, Southside Native, current West Asheville resident, small business owner and community activist

Sandra Kilgore is the daughter of John and Azalee Kilgore. She was reared in a very modest and loving home where her parents valued and insisted that she and her siblings were respectful, kind to their elders, and were civic minded.  Sandra’s childhood home was on Pine Grove Avenue and perhaps it is the love of her neighborhood that motivated her to purchase a building and establish her real estate business a few short blocks away from where she often played as a child.

It is no surprise that she started her own business, as she was very enterprising as a young girl. She cleaned houses, baby-sat worked at Ingles, Sears and held a litany of other jobs during her school years to earn honest income.

With decades of work experience, including Piedmont/British Airways/US Airways Airlines as a flight attendant, and leadership in her own real estate company, Sandra has a proven passion to help people realize their goals and find solutions.

Sandra has a son John Christian, who plays an essential role in her campaign. In the spirit of her parents before her, she teaches him the importance of mentoring youth, while still maintaining the oath of “good to the old is better than gold,” a quote often used by her father. 

Sandra Kilgore for Asheville City Council